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Elephant Incense Burner + Cones


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Material: Ceramic

Workmanship: Handmade

Suitable Occasions: home, office, teahouse/tearoom, meditation, yoga, etc.

Great Helper to Work with Backflow Incense Cones: Used in home, warm and comfortable, reflects your elegant taste. Clean air, refreshing, maintain a pleasant body and mind. Also a classical home decor with exquisite workmanship.


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Add A Touch of Charm to Your Home, Let You Have A Wonderful Visual enjoyment. And Brings You Great meditation and Aid-sleeping Effect.

Unique Beauty: The smoke steam down like a waterfall, the incense burner surrounded by smoke, a mysterious atmosphere.

Exquisite Workmanship: Made of ceramic, custom design, and solid crafting; having its own elegance and beauty; easy to use, easy to carry.

Application Area: Ceramic incense holder, glaze finish. Suitable Scene: study, bedroom, sauna, yoga studio, meditaion room etc. (WARM TIPS: If you wanna enjoy the same waterfall-like view as pictures, please use backflow incense cones in a windless place.)

Easy Clean: Flush the censer body with boiling water, and the stain on the censer will be removed.

Package Included: 1 x backflow incense holder, 10 x backflow incense cones. It is not only a great piece of valuable collection, but also an exquisite gifts for your friends, family.

How to Use with Backflow Incense:

  1. Choose a flat, windless place, Lit up the top of a backflow cone, burn it fully in case you have to lit it again.
  2.  Place the backflow incense cone on the incense burner, and wait about a minute, the smoke will slowly stream down, shows you a dreamlike waterfall view.

How to clean:

Flush the censer body with boiling water, and the stain on the censer will be easily removed.

Package included: 1 x Incense Burner 10x Incense Cones Gifts

  • CERAMIC INCENSE BURNER: 100% Ceramic Incense Holder, handmade crafts & Artistic design, Portable sized for home decor & novelty gift
  • NOVELTY ROMANTIC WATERFALL: This is Backflow Incense burner, Match for we Metosi Life Backflow Incense Cones, burning incense cone placed in the incense holders hole, the smoke will falls like a waterfall, and the cone emits thick smoke that looks like water, creating a mesmerizing and relaxing fountain effect
  • WORK WELL AD HOME DECOR: The cute and portable design is great choice for Home Desktop Decor, add a fun in your life. The amazing backflow smoke can keep you peace and relax your mood
  • OCCASION AND USAGE: Also can be used in living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel, library, gift, when the guests visit, can create a comfortable atmosphere, purify the air, reduce mental depression, eliminate fatigue





Additional information

Weight 1.47 kg
Dimensions 20.32 × 17.5 × 11.16 cm


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